16 January, 2005

Delicious Decadence!

Speaking of my weight, I've discovereed a marvelous yet simple new dessert. Take a box of Vanilla Wafers and a jar of Nutella, and dip one into the other. — No no no, dip individual wafers into the nutella, not the whole jar of Nutella into the box!

Why are they called "vanilla" wafers anyway? Most of them seem to be maded with vanillin instead of vanilla.

Nothing else to report for now. I'm a little too lovelorn to write thoughtfully.


Alessandra said...

I don´t buy Nutella because of that. It´s just too good, and I usually can´t bike off all that I would love to eat of it.

I like my Nutella, straight. No waffer, cookie, bread, just Nutella and a spoon and it´s all I need. So I just don´t buy it. :-)

jack perry said...

Like you, I don't buy Nutella — well, not for myself anyway. I should be able to blame my mother for this new vice, I think: when I was young and we visited Italy, she would give us Nutella as a snack. When I was at their house that one particular day, she had Nutella and vanilla wafers in the cabinet, in plain view. Now that I'm back at home, no Nutella in sight.

See? it's obviously her fault. :-)

I can't take Nutella straight. I don't like how it feels in my mouth.