10 February, 2005

New links; RSS feed

I've added some new links to weblogs; see the sidebar. I should have added two of them some weeks ago. I know most of the people in question; eight or ten years ago I used to talk with them on an email list called Christifideles. I know they're thoughtful, intelligent, devoted Catholics. They might not remember me, & I'm not sure I want them to remember me. I've grown up a little... In fact, you should probably be reading their weblogs instead of mine. But don't you dare stop reading mine! :-)

I will also note the following timesaver in case you don't know about it. Blogger provides an RSS feed for many (most?) of its weblogs, including this one. The Firefox web browser (for example) will subscribe to an RSS feed. (It's free!) It's a fantastic feature: RSS allows one to read the headlines of different websites (news sites, blogs, &c.) without clogging the Internet by downloading an entire index page. The headlines show up as bookmarks, so I just look in the bookmark menu. It saves me an enormous amount of time. I could probably add them as a button in the toolbar if I cared enough to spend the time necessary to figure out how.

If you're reading this with Firefox, look in the lower right-hand corner of your browser. You should see an orange box that looks like a dot and two or three arcs. If you click on it, you will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed.

I'm not sure how to arrange it for other web browsers, but if you can't figure it out, that's one more reason to download Firefox (besides the fact that it's free, of course). If anyone knows how to do it with Internet Explorer or some other program, please do add a comment.

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