23 March, 2005

Habemus ad Deum

With the Triduum fast approaching, I'd like to turn my eyes away from earthly things, and towards divine things. So, I'll be thinking of the Divine Praises and the hymn Te Deum today.

My first experience of the Divine Praises was right before I became a Catholic. On Fridays of Lent leading up to my confirmation, I attended the Stations of the Cross; at our parish, these were followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. This involved a brief exposition, during which the priest and the people lowered themselves to their knees before Christ; the priest would read one sentence of the Divine Praises, and the people would repeat that sentence.

This was done slowly, carefully, and deliberately, as a man might tell a woman that he loves her — when he means it, that is.

It was powerful; unfortunately, I haven't seen it again since leaving that church in Flagstaff. I hope to return there one day; it's one of the most beautiful churches I've ever visited.

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