31 March, 2005

Joshua Time

The author of the weblog "Joshua Time" has asked me to mention his blog on my site, because he's looking for readers. I don't know if I have many readers to send his way, but I agreed, so go take a look at it!

Joshua Time has a point of view I haven't yet seen online. He suffers from mild cerebral palsy; this alone makes him unique in my experience of the wide world of weblogs. A couple of his articles discuss his feelings about government assistance to the poor, and what the job search is like; I have never read that before.

Joshua expresses some very strong opinions based on his experiences, his political beliefs, and his conservative religious beliefs. I don't agree with a lot of his opinions (especially a recent one on the pope); we've discussed this in instant messaging, and he has showed a willingness to listen to another point of view. But, even his opinions that I don't share usually have the merit of being ideas that I haven't read anywhere else.

Joshua aspires to publish his thoughts in a regular newspaper column. So: visit his weblog, read a few posts, and share your opinions!

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