03 June, 2005

The fruit of six years' labor...

...more than six years' labor, if you include my previous education. Anyway, I uploaded my PhD dissertation to my research webpage. (Soon to move, don't know where yet.) It has one benefit over most dissertations I've seen: if you've had high-school algebra, you will certainly understand the first few pages of the text. In fact, you ought to understand the first 60 pages or so of the text, assuming it doesn't put you to sleep first.

Sorry: no money-back guarantee associated with this offer. Use at your own risk; the author cannot be held responsible for any damage to your brain, to your computer, or to your social life. This text is provided free of all warranty, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a purpose. ...and add additional bizarre disclaimers I've seen provided with software packages.

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