29 September, 2005

I'm not paranoid, but...

With dollar signs spinning ever more furiously in the eyes of our elected representatives in Washington, DC, I am contemplating voting Libertarian for the next few elections.

Wasn't the point of the Reagan Revolution and the 1994 Contract With America to have less government? when did it become a pathway to more government that we simply choose not to pay for? I didn't expect "compassionate conservatism" to be a euphemism for the Great Society, the only difference being the people who spent the money. I've never understood why "Medicare reform" should be a means of buying senior citizens' votes, and "education reform" should be a means of buying soccer moms' votes, with cheap slogans such as "No Child Left Behind" that some educators interpret one way and some politicians interpret in the opposite way.

In the past, my big problem with voting Libertarian was that they're insane. I'm not kidding; a friend of mine participated somewhat in the Libertarian party. He wasn't insane, but he became less and less involved as he encountered more and more of the paranoia.

Chalk it up to adopting a son, and imagining him bent down under the weight of my parents' generation's debts and mine, acquired by our government in the same careless manner that my fellow citizens acquire credit card debt, second mortgages, etc., in order to buy unnecessary things, while saving little or nothing for the future. It's gotten to the point where I'm willing to embrace a little paranoia.

If insanity is a condition where one is disconnected from reality, then Americans are demonstrating an increasing amount of insanity. We've arrived at the point where P.J. O'Rourke's book Parliament of Whores has become required reading for all American citizens.

It's not paranoia when the government really is out to get you.

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