22 November, 2005

Sell out, of course!

Emma...er...Pamela recently posted a comment, so I checked out her weblog. She posed an interesting "what-if" situation:

What if a corrupt corporation decided they were going to give you exclusively one million dollars to head up any project you wanted in any corner of the earth? However... the corporation is not just corrupt, it is a fact that tens of millions of dollars had been 'earned' by nothing short of stealing from customers. Would you take it?

The blogger was virtually begging for someone to try justifying it, so I promptly went and made of fool of myself:
As for what my Christianity counsels: "Better a poor man than a liar," the Proverbs say. But also, "If you wish to be perfect, sell all that you have, take up your cross, and follow me." Jesus was not ashamed to tell the truth while dining with thieves and taking their alms; he even succeeded at reforming a few of them. He scandalized a lot of people in the process. Who knows? this could be an opportunity to let Christ do the same through me. Of course, there's the snare of pride in there, so one would have to be super careful.
Another phrase from the Proverbs that comes to mind is, "Where words are many, sin is not wanting..." To think that I had just finished watching A Simple Plan... Sigh.

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Post them on her weblog, then post them here, too, if you don't mind. Or don't. I'll be watching them skewer me over the next few days anyway, so I'll see your answers there, too.


qkl said...

I would take the money and hire lawyers and accountants to make a profile on the corporation and I would go public with all the crimes they did.

jack perry said...

Someone on the website also suggested that. The reply from another was that the corporation would likely not allow them to do that.

I like the answer from someone else: take the money and return it to the customers, sort of a Robin Hood situation. Of course I would, though; it's similar to my answer :-)