27 February, 2006

Just how dumb do they think I am?!?

I mentioned that in one class, attendance plummetted after the first test, and a large part missed their second test a couple of weeks ago. Two of them came to me with attempted excuses today.

The first told me that he's sorry he's been missing so much class, but they now think he has appendicitis. He looked confused when I asked him why he wasn't in the hospital.

Another student gave me a copy of a receipt for having visited a dentist on the 16th of February. Too bad for him the test was on a different day.

Subpoenas are still missing for the two that claim to have legal troubles.

A couple of them were honest, and admitted that either they didn't have alarm clocks and someone failed to wake them up, or that their alarm clocks failed to wake them up. This may sound bad, but I'm disappointed that I couldn't give them some credit at least for not trying to put one over on me.

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