29 March, 2006

All natural yogurt again

Some time ago, Breyers' yogurt switched from their all natural recipe to one with artificial colors. This may be related to their being acquired by Kraft Foods, but I'm not sure. When I emailed them to complain about this, and received a polite reply to the effect that they had decided to switch in order to provide the same "high quality" yogurt at a price affordable to their customers. As if "high quality" can be associated with artificial colors...

Apparently this plan backfired. While strolling through the store with my wife a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Breyers' yogurt once again advertised itself as "All Natural", instead of "All Natural Flavors" or whatever the weasely tagline was for awhile. So I bought some. The taste corresponds to my memory. Unfortunately, my wife and son don't care for Breyers' thinner texture, one of the things I had liked. When I eat yogurt these days, I eat whatever they have handy. In addition, Dannon is now marketing Activia here, and not just in Europe (of all places, I first discovered it in Russia!!!), so it's hard to justify buying Breyers. Still, I wish the company luck; it's great stuff, and good to have it all-natural again.

This may also be related to a change in ownership; I recall that Breyers' Yogurt was owned by Kraft Foods, but now it's one of the CoolBrands International, a Canadian outfit. Do I have to thank those Canucks up north for the return to "high quality" yogurt? I hope not.

Unfortunately, no one paid me to write this. :-) So my gratitude is sincere.

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Elliot said...

(Evil Canuck Cackle): Muhahahaha!

Besides, Kraft is owned by a cigarette company.