09 March, 2006

Answering the atheist... when the atheist is right

Millinerd reports on a talk regarding the problem of pain, or suffering, torture of little children, what have you. In its favor, this talk (a) uses part of a Dostoevsky novel to address the issue (The Brothers Karamazov), and (b) uses the atheist character's argument to address the issue. In effect, he says, the atheist character's argument becomes a Christian argument.

If the reader will pardon my lack of humility, the end result reminds me of something I wrote some months ago. (Start about halfway down the page, with the woman who had been sexually abused as a child.) Doubtless the idea isn't mine; it's almost certainly something I picked up somewhere else. (I'm not all that clever, truth be told.) I stop at the crucifixion, and this gentleman proceeds on through the resurrection.

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