07 December, 2006

The zombie weblog

A quick note on why this weblog is now undead. I had retired it to devote more time to work and family. The end of the semester is approaching, so I have a little more free time, and I've been wanting to write some things for quite some time (which makes me wonder why this post, for example, is not up to the standards I was sure it would reach). I'll write a few more things as the days pass. I'll probably have to re-retire the weblog in the near future (with the new semester, for example), but I am enjoying this weblog again. :-)


Brandon said...

As I am; glad to have you back even if only for a short appearance.

Steven said...

Dear Jack,

It just goes to show that if one must write one cannot not write. I'm so glad you've decided to share what you must do regardless. It's good to see you back.



jack perry said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! Brandon, I still owe you the information on the electoral college -- I haven't forgotten in general, I just forget in specific! (I hope that makes sense.)

Elliot said...

Welcome back!