12 January, 2007

The Disloyal Customer

Well, I gave up on Delta (background here), and purchased tickets from Aeroflot.

It's not so much the lower price that attracted me; just the fact that Aeroflot's price schema looked like it was designed by someone who was actually sober.

Delta, by contrast, could only muster the following reply to my polite (well, mostly) letter pointing out their inconsistent fare structure:

We regret you were disappointed with a recent fare quote. Many factors can impact the airfare amount; to obtain the lowest possible fare, you may want to explore booking alternate dates and times for your trip. Also, all fare types are subject to availability and some fares must be purchased a specific number of days in advance.

In the lower 48 states we provide customers with an everyday low price structure called SimpliFares that is affordable and easy to understand. This supports our commitment to become a simpler and more customer-focused airline.
To which I am sorely tempted to reply, "Go, USAir! Buy out Delta!"

Transparency would dictate that I admit that I talked with an agent on the phone, and she admitted that charging more for a non-stop than for a flight that incorporates that non-stop is rather stupid. At least someone at Delta has some sense.

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