09 March, 2007


Does the title make your fact contort in confusion, or do you understand instantly what recent hit film I'm referring to? More likely the former. Perhaps it would help if I rewrote it this way:

I don understand why the marketers thought the title should be written that way. The least they could have done was put a genuine Cyrillic B in there, rather than a V. It would even have looked way cooler:
Writing a proper Cyrillic A wouldn't have been too much more painful, even if it loses some of the cool factor gained by the Б:
and at this point you might as well fix the idiotic, backwards YA with a proper Cyrillic R:
At this point a genuine Kazakh could read it and understand it. It looks cooler (as a professor of mathematics, I know all about cool), and all those clever fans of Sascha Baron Cohen could glory in the fact that they can read that word while their culturally unsophisticated friends (the ones that Cohen fancies he's sending up throughout the film) just look at it and say, "Bopat?!? I thought the film was called Borat?"

Since the marketers failed to do this, however, and since Cohen's fans still spent gobwads of their hard-earned mon..., uhm, earned mon..., um, okay, "cash" on padding Cohen's wallet, certainly I shouldn't waste my time on an idiotic film, and neither should you.

Don't even get me started on "MY BIG FAT GRSSK WEDDING." Who are the Grssks, anyway?


Clemens said...

Let's see - a professor of mathmatics and a Sasha Baron Cohen - the cutting edge of cool

I can see it. But you left out professors of medieval history who can read Latin (as opposed to something useful, like Cyrillic letters).

jack perry said...

Do you read Greek? If so, you're halfway to reading Cyrillic. Check out the delta-looking character, for example.