19 June, 2007

One of those days

It was one of those days.

The planes home from Kentucky were delayed by more than two hours. Once I arrived in Gulfport, I found that one of the straps on my checked baggage had been cut, apparently sliced by a knife. The drive back to Hattiesburg featured severe thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rains. I slowed down, but an 18-wheeler roared past me at an unsafe speed (higher than the speed limit, which on a highway I take seriously even when it isn't raining cats and dogs).

I arrived at the eyeglass store, delighted to find that they were still open at 5pm. My delight turned to disappointment when I learned that after more than two weeks, the frames still haven't arrived. So I drove to the office, where I found that after more than four months, a book still hasn't arrived. Dejected, I headed home, where I learned that some important information from my son's school has still not been mailed, despite the relevant administrator's assurances some weeks ago. Did I mention that I'll be leaving the country Thursday, so I don't have time for these organizations to get their acts together?

Once at home, I tried to bake some dough that my wife and I had frozen for... uhm... too long, apparently, since it didn't bake well at all.

Could things have been worse? Yes. To start with, the repairs I made to the chimney flashing some months ago actually held through the storm, so that the torrential downpours did not come pouring down the side of the chimney the way they did before.

Why do we need a chimney in southern Mississippi, anyway? One of many things I'll never understand... Thanks be to God all the same.

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