06 June, 2007

Some thoughts that bear repeating

A few thoughts that are not terribly obvious, but bear repeating.

First, check out Millinerd's 9.5 theses, especially #4 (but they're all good, even if I don't know the meaning of hermeneutics).

Second, an interesting event coming out of Poland. According to the news, a man woke from a 19-year coma, long after doctors had given up hope. Diagnosing him with brain cancer didn't help. The only person who hadn't given up hope was his wife. For her part, she took him home, fed him by a spoon, and turned him over to prevent bed sores.

I would fly into a rage every time someone would say that people like him should be euthanized, so they don't suffer.
That phenomenal hope and love received its due reward in this life, when her husband slowly began to show signs of revival some months ago.
There are so many comments that come to mind on this story, and every last one of them is superfluous, except this: it's a story we should share with our children. Nineteen years is a long time to hold on to hope.

Finally, this past Trinity Sunday, our priest made the following observation in his homily: (paraphrase)
A man wanted to understand the Japanese point of view. As he studied more and more, he realized more and more that he needed to go to Japan, live with Japanese people, and fall in love with Japan, before he could ever hope to understand the Japanese point of view.

In the same way, if we want to understand God's point of view, we must go to God, live with God, and fall in love with God, before we can ever hope to understand God's point of view.

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Alessandra said...

I saw the Polish family on TV,apparently it is true. The guy seemed still in a coma -- not in a medical sense -- but just so dazed and jarred. In a few years, he could write a very interesting book.