17 August, 2007

I have not started blogging at a phenomenal rate

In case you follow this blog via RSS updates, then I have not started blogging at a phenomenal rate, although Bloggers' RSS system might deceive you otherwise. I merely updated a large number of old entries with labels. I had been delaying this for a while.

I scanned most of them, in order to determine the proper label(s) for each post. Some of them are truly abysmal. Did I really write that much nonsense about the 2004 election? How embarassing. At least I didn't vote for the winner.

(I didn't vote for the runner-up, either. When I vote for a loser, I go all the way!)

Some of them, however, aren't so bad. My favorites, as usual, are the translations of Latin hymns. Too bad they bore everyone else to tears.

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