12 October, 2007

The only time I will be compared to Derek Jacobi

Which I, Claudius Character are You? created by
Shiny Objects
You're not the fool everyone takes you for. You put on a show to stay under the radar. Underneath your bumbling exterior, you are a shrewd and calculating person. You don't enjoy being in the spotlight, but you can take charge if absolutely neccessary. But trust no one, not even your best friend, because you never know who might betray you.
You were portrayed by Derek Jacobi.
Fortunately, I will never be emperor.

The coincidences don't end there. As just one example, I also had a grandmother named Livia. She didn't make a habit of poisoning people though, or not to my knowledge anyway.

I don't normally post results from these stupid quizzes, but this one was worthwhile.


Clemens said...

I dunno Jack. I can kind of see it. No one thought Livia was poisoning anyone either - except for poor Claudius.

So you won't be Emperor? Chancellor? Prez of the school, or whatever you call it there?

You never know.

jack perry said...

Right now I'll be lucky to make tenure. :-(