21 October, 2007

Some nice links

From In illo tempore, I found an Irish parish priests' reflection on trying to incorporate silence in the liturgy. Sadly, I left a comment.

At Siris, I was reminded of Millinerd, where you can find an amusing post on banishing music for its irrationality. He also alerted us to Constantine's unknown anti-patriarchalism. (Is that a word?) He talks about a lot of other neat things, too. Here I kept my mouth shut.

A Canadian blogger who shall not be named takes some pleasure in the decline of the dollar. Actually, I'm rather pleased by it, too. Maybe it will revive American manufacturing, and lower the trade deficit. In terms of Euros, or even in terms of Canadian dollars, we now owe your countries a lot less money than we did five years ago. Smirk on, guys.

Bjørn Are talks about a Norwegian speaker who asserted, with a straight face, that former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore is a Christian fundamentalist.

Stephen Riddle at Flos Carmeli has figured out the topic of his next book.

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