29 November, 2007

Æterna imago Altissimi

I missed the feast of Christ the King, but here is a hymn anyway. The hymn is indicated for Morning Prayer.

Ætérna imago Altíssimi,
Lumen, Deus, de Lúmine,
tibi, Redémptor, glória,
honor, potéstas régia.

Eternal image of the Most High,
God, Redeemer, Light from Light,
to you be glory, honor,
and royal power.

Tu solus ante sæcula
spes atque centrum témporum;
tibi voléntes súbdimur,
qui iure cunctis ímperas.

Before the ages, you alone
were hope, and the center of the cycle of hours;
willingly we place ourselves under you
who justly rule over all.

Tu flos pudícæ Virginis,
nostræ caput propáginis,
lapis cadúcus vértice
ac mole terras óccupans.

You are the flower of the chaste Virgin,
the head of our race,
a stone fallen from the summit
and a mass spread across the lands.

Diro Tyranno súbdita,
damnáta stirps mortálium
per te refrégit víncula
sibique caelum víndicat.

Placed under the dreadful Tyrant,
through you this condemned race of mortals
breaks free of its chains
and claims heaven for itself.

Doctor, sacérdos, légifer,
præfers notátum sánguine
in veste «Princeps príncipum
regúmque rex altíssimus.»

Teacher, priest, law-giver,
it is written in blood on your robe,
"Prince of princes
and most high king of kings."

Patri, tibi, Paráclito sit,
Christe, perpes glória,
qui nos redémptos sánguine
ad regna cæli pértrahis. Amen.

Unending glory to you, O Christ,
to the Father, to the Paraclete,
who lure to the kingdom of heaven
us whom you have redeemed by blood.

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