20 December, 2007

I can't be responsible even when I try

...so I called the bus station around 5pm to ask when I could expect the bus to pass by the university. The gentleman on the other end told me that it had already passed, and was in the area of McDonald's and Bancorp South at the moment.

Eh, what? I called this morning and the woman told me that it should leave downtown around 5.

That's true, the gentleman conceded, but with all the traffic, he's running behind schedule.

Okay, so when will he pass this way again?

He won't. This is the last run.

I thought you said he was behind schedule. Shouldn't he have another run left?

Yes, but... well, he left early. He's a new guy, and we have to fill him in on a few things. He said the last words with a sigh of irritation at the chaos that frustrates our plans. I thanked him and called home for a ride.

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