23 March, 2008

Neapolitans asked to keep their trash in the house

In case you missed it, Naples' continuing trash problem has not yet gone away. Silvio Berlusconi, running for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections, has promised to find a solution to the this problem.

He's a little late. The vice-commissioner of the commission on the waste emergency for the Campania region, in which Naples finds itself, has found a perfect solution for the unsightliness of garbage in the streets, at least during the Easter holiday. With a straight face, he asked Neapolitans to keep their trash in their homes until Wednesday.

In vista delle festività pasquali si cerchi di trattenere i rifiuti in casa, almeno fino al prossimo mercoledì, soprattutto carte e cartoni da imballaggio.

(My translation: In view of the Easter celebrations, try to keep trahs in the home, at least until next Wednesday, above all paper and packaging.)

My mother's hometown, Gaeta, was historically part of the Campania region. Mussolini, in one of his weirder moments, decided to slice the northwestern part of Campania and append it to the Lazio region. This Easter, the Gaetani are surely breathing a prayer of thanks for that historical accident.

I'm wondering why it's taking so long for someone to start ferrying it across the bay to the beautiful isles Capri and Ischia and dumping it there. Once it starts collecting in front of the politicians' homes, a solution will appear faster than you can say, "Pulcinello!"

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