27 May, 2008

A new bedtime routine

I normally read a story to my nearly two year-old daughter when she goes to bed at night. She likes Dr. Seuss (who doesn't?) and some Russian books we have, too, like У кого какой нос (who has what kind of nose). I remember reading Green Eggs and Ham when I was young, and now she likes it, too. During the day she will sometimes imitate noises that I make while reading to her. So far, it's all normal toddler stuff.

It occurred to me a couple of months ago that I should be teaching her how to pray. We already have a habit of saying a short grace at meals, although her Sign of the Cross leaves much to be desired.* We need to pray at bedtime, too. Being half-insane and noticing my Psalterium Monasticum lying on the floor, I chanted a Psalm from Vespers.

(Lying on the floor, hunh? I've fallen a long way from my seminary days.)

Needless to say, she found it boring. Same thing the following night. Once or twice she even tried to close the book on me & offered Dr. Seuss' I Am Not Going to Get Up Today! After a while she grew accustomed to it, and sat patiently until I was done.

A few nights ago she took up a new routine. When we walk into the bedroom, she trots to the spot where the Psalterium lies on the floor, picks it up, and hands it to me. She climbs into my lap, but she does not wait for me to finish the Psalm.

No, she sings along, as best as a nearly two year-old can.

Once we finish, she jumps back down, grabs Dr. Seuss or a Russian book, and offers it to me. But she sings along!!! I may teach her to pray yet.

One day she will blame me for her psychoses, I just know it.

*She does have the part about kissing your fingers** down pat.

**Kissing one's fingers at the conclusion of the Sign of the Cross is a custom for some Mediterranean and Latino Christians.

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