08 August, 2008

Is the Onion unintentionally funny at times?

I visited the Onion website today. I don't do it often but sometimes they're entertaining. Today I wondered if they were unintentionally entertaining. Here's a snapshot from a "man on the street" question, Wal-Mart Wants a Republican President:

Pat Hertz,
Cement Truck Operator
"It's true. We all know how Wal-Mart just barely squeaked by during the Clinton administration."

Look at Mr. Hertz. Look at him really closely. Then ask yourself this question:

Do cement truck operators normally wear suits and ties in the middle of the day?

I'd believe more readily that the Onion switched the photos of Pat and Charlie London (the Paper Salesman).

Or is this an example of computer programming run amok? I half believe that The Onion has a computer program that matches random photos with their editors' made-up answers for "men on the street".

It's possible that Pat Hertz has an evil twin named David Argent,* but I vote for unintentionally funny.

*For those who fail to follow the link, it's exactly the same photo.

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