14 October, 2008

These crazy markets

By the way, how much money un-disappeared from the stock market yesterday?

I guess it's one of those things the news doesn't think we ought to hear. They have no trouble running breathless headlines about how much money disappears from the stock market on any given day, but when it un-disappears, not a word.

At least both of the Sunday papers I read published an article explaining that money doesn't really "disappear" from the stock market, inasmuch as it was never there to begin with. Too bad you had to dig deep into the newspaper to find it.


deb said...

I have given up trying to understand this finacial problem. It makes me feel like my brain has been stuck in a blender.

jack perry said...

I have to remember that phrase. I feel that way from time to time.

Thanks for the comment. Visit again. Nice weblog, btw.

Clemens said...

For me, I want to see it on my TIAA-CREF statement.

jack perry said...

That would be nice!