06 November, 2008

Zod is not pleased with the election results

Zod has lost another presidential election, and is not pleased.

All I asked for was your allegiance! And all you own! All that defines you and your petty lifestyles! But I see before me that you have cast 65 million votes for this idol Obama and 55 million votes for the warlord McCain.

Consider those incredible votes for McCain. Look how quickly he accepted defeat. That from a former Navy officer. Unconscionable. You apostates voted for this man! And look at how Obama was up there talking about a puppy for the White House, when there is a wrecked economy to plunder and half our military fighting force overseas that could be brought back home for police duty. I would rather have the 1st Brigade Combat Team in Gainesville searching homes for illegally hoarded gold than doing guard duty in Iraq.
Maybe he's right: since McCain conceded so quickly and graciously, voting for him must have been a mistake.

I think I've discovered my man in 2012. Maybe earlier. Anyone up for a coup d'etat?

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