01 February, 2009

What troubles me about this SSPX business

The pope has lifted the excommunications on the Society of Saint Pius X bishops. Good for him and them, if it brings us closer to unity.

That said, I doubt the sincerity of the SSPX. I've had too many encounters with them. For a long time I subscribed to a mailing list that, I learned in due course, was run by these guys. The SSPX claims to profess loyalty and respect to the pope, but they routinely mocked Paul VI and saw John XXIII as either a Mason (i.e., an evil infiltrator) or merely used by Masons. I left that mailing list round about the time that the list moderator began to pronounce Pope John Paul II a heretic.

He may have been an exception to the rule, but the more I read of their reactions, the less I believe it. Never mind Bishop Williamson, whose primary role appears to be distracting us from real issues. Read simply a few excerpts from the letter of Bishop Fellay to his faithful:

…the opprobrium which, beyond the persons of the bishops of the Society, rested upon all those who were more or less attached to Tradition. …Catholic Tradition is no longer excommunicated.
Oddly, that opprobrium and excommunication didn't rest on those persons "more or less attached to Tradition" who, objecting to Bishop Lefebvre's schismatic act, turned in humility to Rome to form the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.
I expressed our attachment “to the Church of Our Lord Jesus-Christ which is the Catholic Church,” re-affirming there our acceptation of its two thousand year old teaching and our faith in the Primacy of Peter.
…unless, of course, the holy and courageous successor of Peter should dare to do something that the SSPX doesn't like, such as, say confirm, explore, or speak favorably of passages in the documents of Vatican II that they find bothersome, or conduct a much-needed reform of the Sacred Liturgy. Indeed,
We …accept and make our own all the councils up to the Second Vatican Council about which we express some reservations.
Since, after all, the SSPX freely state that the Second Vatican Council was the product of Masonic infiltration of the Church, as was the subsequent reform of the liturgy. The Catechism produced by Pope John Paul II they have described as "90% honey, 10% poison".

Such reactions trouble me, and make me doubt that this will not end in a worse situation than the one that existed last week. I pray to God that I am wrong.

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