05 March, 2009


Last Sunday's paper informer me that the dealer who sold me my current vehicle has closed shop. That surprised me, since I thought they were healthy. I reckon the economic environment is taking its toll.

I won't mourn the passing of the dealer's sales division; I wholly reviled their high-pressure, strong-arm tactics. I do regret losing the service division, since (a) I never found them to be anything but polite and competent; and (b) the closest dealer is now 71 miles away!

Too bad I didn't buy a car manufactured by GM or Chrysler. Their dealers remain open, and offer ridiculous financing deals to boot.

I wish I could put in a plug for Saturn here, but according to Consumer Reports' latest annual automotive issue, Saturn's reliability is very nearly the worst in the business. That's a loooooong way down from the good ol' days, when an SL carried an impressive number of patents, and lasted more than ten years. (One of my brothers is still driving my 96 SL.)

I raise nevertheless a Cherry Coke toast to the Saturn of yore, and to the engineers, American and foreign alike, who already are inventing tomorrow.

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