22 March, 2009

Two Arabic hymns

It's amazing what a search for "Catholic hymn" on YouTube will turn up.

  1. I wrote almost two years ago of Father Ragheed Ghanni, the Chaldean Catholic priest who was murdered after refusing to convert to Islam. I found on YouTube this video of a beautiful hymn he wrote in honor of the Mother of God:

    English translation:
    We honor you with hymns O Mother of God, you are the pride of the whole earth, because the Word of God whom the Father sent, chose to take His human body from you. The generations call you blessed, all nations and peoples honor you and ask for mercy by your prayers. You are a generous earth in which plants of joy always grow.
  2. I also found this gorgeous hymn to Christ:

    English Translation:
    My Love, My Love
    What has befallen you?
    Who saw you and grieved for you,
    You who are righteous?
    My Love, what is the sin of our times and our children?
    These wounds have no cure.

    Arabic Lyrics:
    وا حبيبي وا حبيبي أي حال أنت فيه
    من رآك فشجاك أنت أنت المفتدي
    يا حبيبي أي ذنب حمل العدل بنيه
    فأزادوك جراحاً ليس فيها من شفاء
    حين في البستان ليلاً سجد الفادي الإلة
    كانت الدنيا تصلي للذي أغنى الصلاة
    شجر الزيتون يبكي و تناديه الشفاء
    يا حبيبي كيف تمضي أترى ضاع الوفاء
I don't know about wounds not having any cure, but otherwise I could stand to listen to a lot more of this. Fortunately, YouTube has links.

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