27 April, 2009

Yes Man

I watched Yes Man recently. I hated the film, but Terence Stamp was, as usual, Zod-like. The scenes with him were great, especially the final scene of the movie, which my wife had to explain to me.

In fact, the scenes with Terence Stamp were the only part of the film worth watching. Too bad you have to watch the rest of the film to understand the last scene.

Stamp has the best quotes in all the films I've seen with him, to wit:

  • In Superman II, he corrects the President: Not God. Zod.
  • In The Limey, he remarks that I am gainfully employed. I'm on the dole.
  • In Yes Man, virtually every syllable he speaks is hilarious, but my preference is his final two syllables, Good God!
Too bad I can't recommend the film in spite of that: The world would be a better place with more Terence Stamp films.

Well, not films like Teorema.


Tom L said...

My favorite Stamp film is his debut, Billy Budd. Hard to choose a best quote from that one, but his final line probably fulfills your quote rule. (I won't reveal it, in case you haven't seen it.)

John Perry said...


I haven't seen Billy Budd, and I've added it to my Netflix queue based on your recommendation & the Netflix reviews. Too bad I didn't add it in time to beat out The Three Stooges Collection: Vol. 5: Disk 1.

Tom L said...

Billy Budd and The Stooges. Now that would have made an interesting double feature.