14 July, 2009

Turnabout is unfair play

The boy is learning to swim. When I first informed him of my plans to send him to the local YMCA's lessons, the first words out of his mouth were resolute: "I'm not going." To which I replied, "Yes you are; I'm paying for it, and I'm dropping you off there." To which he replied, "You're wasting your money."

He's got a lip, that one.

Despite his protestations, he's attending, and has proceeded through several levels of Swim America's program to learn to swim. I can definitely recommend the program: even though the head coach chewed out his entire group for wimpy bobbing on the first day, he kept at it. For all I know, maybe he kept at it just to prove the head coach wrong, but I'll take that, too.

Talk about a complete turnaround: he's now so excited about swimming that last weekend he spent a half hour telling his Russian grandparents everything he's learned. So much for wasting my money!

He also wants to go swimming more frequently at a pool. This isn't what I signed up for. I signed up for saving him from drowning, not from teaching him a new way to drain my bank account!!!

1 comment:

Clemens said...

You'll probably laugh at this, but doesn't your school have a swimming pool faculty and progeny can use?

btw, how old is the boy?

and how long did it take him to figure out he could annoy you by asking you to spend money?