03 July, 2009

A unity government in 2012?

Sarah Palin has pulled a Celestine V.

Conservatives solicitous for a smaller, purer Republican party are getting a smaller party alright, although I have my doubts about a "purer" party. At the rate they've been going lately, Republicans might as well nominate Barack Obama in 2012, too.

FWIW, I do think Palin has generally gotten a bad rap, and I wish her a happy life in the private sector, and much success. That said, I don't see myself ever voting for her as president after this.


Will said...

How does her resignation make the party smaller?

jack perry said...


It's meant more as a joke, but... It does diminish the number of presidential possibilities in 2012. I'm not a Romney fan, and although I was never an Obama fan, each passing week makes me less of one, so I was kind of hoping that, after completing a successful career as governor of Alaska, she would run in 2012, and make her critics eat lots and lots of crow.


Clemens said...

Great analogy!

I am still trying to figure out what was in her mind. I was willing to spot the Repubs Mark Sanford - his case is just too weird to say anything at all about the Party or the Movement. But Palin?

jack perry said...

Having read some of the subsequent commentary (I didn't watch her speech) I think, in all charity, she was concerned about her family and her mounting legal bills. On the one hand you have the really nasty things said about her kids, like what Letterman said about her "daughter", and which would have gotten him fired had he said it about the president's daughter. That does leave its scars. On the other hand, all the ethical complaints against her have come to naught so far, but there are still legal bills that must be paid, and unlike many politicians Palin does not have a steady source of high income.

I think those were the two primary reasons, and I can sympathize enormously with them, which isn't to say that I agree with her course of action.

jack perry said...

--Oh, if I wanted to make a joke, I'd say that someone in the party paid her to take the attention of Sanford a few days. ;-)

Will said...

That's a much better joke. Your first doesn't make any sense to me. I guess I'm too much of a literalist (as you know). The party isn't smaller, nor does it seem the potential number of candidates in 2012 is, at least if you listen to some of the talking heads.