06 August, 2009

Who, not What, do you say that I am?

I thought my pastor made a good observation in his homily last weekend. With some context:

Like our ancestors we dally in our personal “Egypts” dancing with snakes, sick on too much manna, and mistaking our past for who we are. We keep looking back rather than letting the Eucharistic Lord love and save us in this moment of our journey to move us forward. We name Eucharist as a WHAT and forget Eucharist is a WHO. We all too often habitually receive wafered bread and forget we consume divine life and holy nourishment!

Eucharist is not magic. It is sacrament. It is Christ. …We don’t need a magician, a politician, or a traveling show; we need a Savior; the Bread of Life and a renewed reverence for that bread that is Christ for us and in us!
That's what I copied from the homily notes on the parish website, but I'm pretty sure I remember his paraphrasing St. Augustine's remark as well, that we take communion not so that we can receive Christ's Body and transform it into ours, but so that Christ's Body can take us and transform us into His likeness.

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