05 September, 2009

Comparison of old and new missal

The American bishops have set up a website to explain the upcoming changes to the Missal (according to a website, "upcoming"=Advent,2012) and on this page they have listed "some" examples of the differences between the old and new translations.

To be honest, it looks to me like they've listed "all" the examples from the Ordinary of the Mass, but never mind. It's good to see some of the changes they've finally listed, starting with a correct translation of, et cum spiritu tuo. Restorations of poetic and Biblical imagery are also welcome in my book.

My only complaint is that I think these changes should be introduced gradually, so that people get used to one change before you spring another on them.

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Brandon said...

Bishops seem to have a definition of 'upcoming' that is analogous to an academic's definition of 'forthcoming' -- i.e., there's a chance it will happen before you die.