10 October, 2009

Phrases people need to stop using

To be updated as time goes by.

  • "needs some love" or "gets some love" instead of "needs some attention" or "gets some attention". I hear this a lot in respect to computer programming: as in, "the ATI drivers have gotten some love." Aside from the general overuse of "love" for things that are aspects of love rather than love itself, don't you hear what you sound like?
  • "reboot" and "reset" for "restart", "reorganize", or "repair". A special shout out to the Department of State who contributed to this awful phenomenon in English while getting the Russian word completely wrong. Apparently the translation guidelines over there need some love.
  • "shout out" for "recognition". What's hip for professional musicians is just plain silly on the tongues (or keyboards) of programmers.
  • "sexy" for …exciting, I think. Think "sexy features" on a digital camera; neverthemore you'll understand why this abuse of language just has got to stop.

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