02 December, 2009

If Wal-Mart doesn't sell it , it doesn't exist

…well, not really. After all, I've been in at least one Wal-Mart that doesn't sell Fanta, or at least not the Fanta that someone asked me to find, and I know that Fanta exists.

All the same, last night I was in dire need of wire nuts and an electrical outlet—never mind why, I'm sure your imagination can fill in the details—and it was after 10pm, so the home improvement stores were closed, Radio Shack was closed, and the 24-hour pharmacies who sell electrical equipment claimed over the phone not to have it. I'm not sure they even knew what I was talking about, never mind.

But, at quarter of 11, I was able to walk into the Wal-Mart down the road from me, head over to the hardware section, and locate quite quickly wire nuts and and a new socket. Awesome.

This doesn't change my general opinion of the store, but it was a huge relief to find them.

My next house will be made not merely of stone, but of non-conductive, non-flammable stone. Assuming I can find such a thing. Since Wal-Mart doesn't sell such houses, maybe they don't exist…

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