07 February, 2010

Live-blogging the Superbowl


With the first quarter almost over, the Saints' defense is looking as tired as the beer commercials , giving major yardage to the league's worst rush.

The best thing about the game so far are, without doubt, the Doritos commercials.


No, Dr. Love, that commercial did not work. The TruTV one immediately after was much better, though.

As for the game, just when the Saints were starting to look like they'd make a game of it…


My favorite commercial from last year was the avatars commercial by Coke, but so far the best they've put forward is the Simpsons commercial.

The recession must be worse than I thought: Teleflora and another company recycled their ideas from last year's commercials.

(In case you're wondering whether I have anything positive to say, Queen Latifah's rendition of America the Beautiful was quite good.)


The first four minutes of the second half were exponentially better than the first half in its entirety. The commercials were better, too. I might enjoy this after all.

I'd insert a joke about playing Beethoven's Ninth Symphony instead of The Who at halftime, but it isn't decent to make fun of the elderly.


Coke comes through with the best commercial so far. The Africa one, with the classical music (which is what made it the best, of course).


Best. Superbowl. Interception. Ever.


Best. Superbowl. Commercial. Ever.

Doritos, of course. Yeah, it's the thrill of the moment. The Coke one better (and the Google commercial was sweet as well; maybe later I'll like it best). But the guy in the Doritos armor was still great.

I'll nominate the Audi Green Police for worst one, hands down.

End of Game

For a lot of people in this area, the Saints were far and away the favorite, but for many either one would have worked, since Peyton Manning (the entire Manning family, in fact) is from this area. It was a similar dilemma a couple of weeks ago with Favre (an alum of my school) being the quarterback of the Saints.

Either way, it was a great game. When I was young, the announcers always made a big deal about a statistic that the first team to score was almost always the first to win. I didn't hear that today; perhaps the announcers made the comment when I stepped out of the room. I'm really, really glad to see that statistic defied yet again. But the Saints stayed in it, and deserved the win.

PS I hope I never see another pantsless commercial again, let alone so many within the space of a few minutes. What an utter lack of imagination the advertising agencies displayed this year.

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