16 February, 2010

Werid combination on ice

My wife and I were watching the pairs Olympic skating a few nights ago. We missed the first group, but we really liked the Russians (too bad they slipped) and the last (?) pair. Besides the great skating, that last pair had quite a few unique things going on:

  • male of African descent with a Polish-sounding last name;
  • woman of European descent with a Slavic-sounding last name;
  • French clown outfits; and
  • representing Germany.
Wow. All the news wanted to talk about was the Canadian skier playing for the Australian team, but that's peanuts in comparison.

One of the best aspects about figure skating is the music. Tonight, for example, I heard Moonlight Sonata; last night I heard the theme from Love Story; a couple of nights ago one pair skated to Lux &Ae;terna (and I'll bet Clemens missed it).

Of course, one of the skaters complained that listening to all that classical music to choose background music was boring. Pfah. I'm sure he could get away with Nothing Else Matters if he really wanted, but with that attitude I'd recommend 4'33". If you don't know what 4'33" is, follow the link before reading more of this.

Here's what amazes me about 4'33": not only did people pay to listen to it, but its composer sued another for copyright infringement. Anyone besides me think that Carthusian monasteries have a case for a lawsuit of their own?


Clemens said...

With no TV I missed it all!

But at least the music is improving.

jack perry said...

Somehow I missed the fact that you have no TV. My esteem for you has increased about tenfold. :-)