12 April, 2010

Our now-mature foreign policy

Didn't expect this, considering the source.

Voicing honest feelings might be good when you're a private citizen, but in government it is self-indulgent. Venting is not foreign policy.

…The Obama administration needs to grow up, recognize that in the real world Karzai is the best partner it has and roll out the red carpet for him when he finally gets to the White House on May 12.
The entire article is interesting; I had no idea just how insulting we've been to Karzai since the current administration came in. I knew he had said some nasty things about us lately, but lately one considers that par for the course.

But, hey, all things considered: at least Sarah Palin isn't a heartbeat away from the presidency. Instead, we have a guy who thinks we drove Hezbollah out of Lebanon, and walks out of dinners with foreign leaders.

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