09 April, 2010

Who watches the watchmen?

Today's Latin message on my board* was,

Quis custodiet ipos custodes.
"Who watches the watchmen."

My reply,
Ipsæ custodes.
"The watchwomen."

EIther they didn't get it, or I had to explain it too long and the humor value wore off, or… it just isn't that funny. I like it, though.

(Please don't tell me I have the Latin wrong.)

*For the context of the recent trend of Latin messages on my board, see , part 3. Originally it started off as some other phrase or riddle, and only recently evolved into Latin. For all I know, Greek is next.


Anonymous said...

It should actually be "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" [not custodies].

I know you said not to tell you but I just couldn't resist it!

jack perry said...

No, thanks, actually. It's ipsae custodes I was more concerned about. :-)