28 May, 2010

Maybe I should get a tattoo

Two different weblogs (FT and Siris) I read refer to the Pew Research Center's quiz, "How Millennial Are You?" The higher the score, the closer you are to the Millennial generation supposedly, and those two authors reported a 19 and a 45.

I got a 4.

Yup, I'm in there with the so-called "Silent" Generation (1928-1945). I wonder if this means I can't relate to the new generation(s) (like my own!) and should make some concession to modern fashions. Like, say, get a tattoo of Carl Friedrich Gauß? beneath it, I could add the text of The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

On first thought, no.

I'm not sure how I managed such a low score, but I'm proud of it.

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