07 October, 2004

A great site for hymns & prayers

I don't know why I've neglected to highlight this excellent website before: Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (Collection of Latin Prayers). The webmaster includes the very hymns that I am translating, except that his translations tend to be in English poetry, which requires one to change some of the vocabulary in order to preserve the ideas. I'm trying to preserve the flavor of the Latin vocabulary. That's not so easy, because I'm not very good at Latin, and so I'm having trouble with some of the vocabulary :-)

Also, I intend to add some Italian poems/hymns from time to time.

Anyway, visit his site, bookmark it, and return to it frequently.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

But you WILL return to Scupoli amidst all this, yes?



jack perry said...

Every now and again I add something. Translating Scupoli is actually quite a challenge. I was trying to translate a chapter every Sunday, but I often forget, and when I don't forget, I'm too tired for such things.

I've realized that it's hard over the long term to maintain consistency in translation; the copy I'm using features some strange Italian constructions that give me difficulty. I know that one day I'll have to revisit older chapters and adjust either them or the later ones. Sometimes I remember a word that is perfect for translating an idea, and sometimes I don't.

Thanks for the reminder, though :-) That might prompt another chapter or two this weekend.