07 October, 2004

Iam lucis orto sídere

Monday night I observed my usual vigil before the Blessed Sacrament. I was alone for the hour; my prayer partner had notified me that she would be out of town. Since I was there alone, I decided to sing aloud the prayers that I otherwise would have read silently; they were the chants for Prime and the First Nocturne from Solesmes' Psalterium Monasticum.

Is that permissible? I don't see why not: for most of the hour, I was the only soul in the chapel. When I heard some cars drive near around 12.45, I sat down & ceased singing. I think I was respectful to others that way, and I'm sure that Jesus didn't mind hearing me sing to him.

Anyway, here is the hymn I sang for Prime.

Iam lucis orto sídere
Deum precémur súpplices,
ut in diúrnis áctibus
nos servet a nocéntibus.
Now with the dawn of heaven's light
we suppliants pray to God
that he might keep us from guilt
in our daily acts.
Linguam refrénens témperet,
ne litis horror ínsonet;
visum fovéndo cóntegat,
ne vanitátes háuriat.
May he temper the tongue by curbing it,
lest the horror of a dispute ring out;
by assisting, may he protect our sight,
lest it drink in vanities.
Sint pura cordis íntima,
absístat et vecórdia;
carnis terat supérbiam
potus cibíque párcitas;
May the profound depths of the heart remain pure,
and may it stand apart from madness;
may restraint of drink and of food
trample the pride of the flesh;
Ut, cum dies abscésserit
noctémque sors redúxerit,
mundi per abstinéntiam
ipsi canámus glóriam.
So that, when the day wiil have withdrawn
and fate will have led us back to night,
we might sing God's glory
through abstinence from the world.
Deo Patri sit glória
eiúsque soli Fílio
cum Spíritu Paráclito
in sempitérna sæcula. Amen.
Glory to God our Father
and to his only Son
with the Spirit Paraclete
into eternal ages. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jack,

All I can say is that if Jesus didn't mind, you sing a lot better than I do. I have images of Him holding his ears and saying, "Sing it, brother." (for me)



jack perry said...

A friend of mine in times past liked to say that when he was young, the saying was, If God gave you a bad voice, punish Him with it. :-)