29 March, 2005

Does Jay Nordlinger read my weblog?

...if he does, then he should start reading some of the weblogs in my sidebar (updated, with brief descriptions! — if you don't think the description is accurate, then complain & I'll fix it)

If he doesn't, then it's amusing that he came to the same conclusion that I did about the treatment of Terri Schiavo. It's like a direct quote.

Nordlinger also directs the reader to this commentary in Slate (a magazine I generally avoid like the plague) by a disabled woman with "a congenital neuromuscular disease". Her first point (that Terri Schiavo is not terminally ill) should be the starting point of all rational discussion on the matter; unfortunately, it isn't.

Meanwhile, Brandon over at Siris has also agreed with my conclusion in a typically excellent article. (The excellence derives not from the fact that he agrees with me, but because he's so much more thoughtful about it — how I envy well-trained philosophers!)

I would also like to direct the reader to this excellent question asked by Rae Stabosz at Confessions of a Pauline Cooperator: If Terri Schiavo feels "little or no discomfort", and isn't aware of her suffering, then why has she been given a morphine drip?

I don't generally promote commentary from National Review Online, even if I read it almost daily, for the same reason that I don't promote commentary from the Washington Post (which I also read almost daily): I'm trying very hard to avoid overt political ideology in this weblog. I don't consider Terri Schiavo's situation politics, and that article in Slate is indeed worth reading. National Review Online, however, is an overtly ideological publication. That's why I haven't linked to his article. If you wish, you can find it very easily (do a Google search, if you must, and look for "Impromptus" on the NRO website). Nordlinger is always interesting, all the more so when I disagree with him. (Alas, that isn't often enough.)

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