21 March, 2005

Just shoot her, already!

If anyone thinks it's humane to starve Terri Schiavo to death, I have a challenge: why not just shoot her? You'll save her several days of suffering, perhaps a couple of weeks.

If you can't bring yourself to advocate shooting her, then what sort of humanitarian are you? I find it appalling that you aren't troubled with the thought of starving her to death. Some "mercy killing"! What "moral courage" you have!

No, I am not seriously advocating shooting Terri Schiavo. I would never advocate anyone's death. However, I do think that those who advocate her death ought to take their advocacy seriously. If you want her dead so badly, take a gun and shoot her like a lame horse or whatever you consider her to be, and spare the rest of us this agony of watching the agony of one that we still consider a human being.


Anonymous said...

No one in the 'chattering classes', as someone i admire calls our culture, would ever be brazen enough to 'shoot' terri schiavo. Starvation is more refined, a la Jack Kervorkian. Shooting would lead us all to ask the question of Judas, 'surely it is not I Rabbi.' And far be it for this culture to incur moral guilt!

jack perry said...

"Chattering classes"... I've heard that before, somewhere. It is an appropriate phrase.

I like your comparison to Judas: "Surely it is not I rabbi." Thanks, Father :-)