13 April, 2005

Spes, Chrite, nostræ veniæ

I forgot to mention in the previous chant posting that the Liber Hymnarius lists that chant as a hymn appropriate for the Office of Readings. The following hymn is also from the Office of the Dead, and is appropriat for Morning Prayer.

I had to make some educated guesses with the translation of verse 4, because I'm not entirely sure what the Latin is trying to say. I'm fairly certain that I have a good approximation to the sense, but as always, caveat lector: I am a hobbyist, not an expert.

Spes, Christe, nostræ véniæ,
tu vita, resurréctio;
ad te sunt corda et óculi
cum mortis dolor íngruit.
O Christ, hope of our forgiveness,
you are the life and the resurrection;
when the anguish of death falls upon us,
our hearts and our eyes turn to you.
Tu quoque mortis tædia
passus dirósque stímulos,
Patri, incináto cápite,
mitis dedísti spíritum.
You also suffered the weariness of death
and its frightful sting;
with bowed head, you mildly surrendered
your spirit to the Father.
Vere nostros excípiens
languóres, pastor míserens,
tecum donásti cómpati
Patrísque in sinu cómmori.
Taking pity as our shepherd,
truly taking on our feebleness,
you also granted that we suffer
and die with you in the bosom of the Father.
Apértis pendens bráchiis,
in cor transfíxum pértrahis
quos moritúros ággravat
morbus vel mœror ánxius.
As you were pierced through the heart,
and hung from forcibly outstretched arms,
sickness or uneasy sorrow
increases them for the the pains of the dying.
Qui portis fractis ínferi
victor pandísti cælicas,
nos nunc doléntes érige,
post óbitum vivífica.

Having broken the gates of hell,
you threw open the gates of heaven;
now raise us up from our sorrows,
revive us after our destruction.
Sed et qui frater (soror, fratres) córpore
nunc dormit pacis réquie,
(nunc somno pacis dórmiunt,)
iam te beánte vígilet (-ent),
tibíque laudes réferat (-ant). Amen.
We ask especially for our brother (sister, brothers)
who now sleep(s) in the flesh,
that he (she, they) might remain awake with you in blessedness,
and might bring up praises to you. Amen.

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