29 December, 2006

A cold. Or two. Or three...


Baby developed a cold over the last couple of days. She hasn't figured out the whole breathing-through-the-mouth thing yet (she breathes mostly through her nose) so feeding and sleeping have given her a great deal of grief. The fact that a new tooth is working its way out serves to complicate matters further.

My wife is dealing with this in ways that are positively saintly. She is calm, patient, and her perseverance is incredible—a contrast to my own impatience and sometime pettiness when dealing with baby.

We've been visiting family in Virginia. Baby isn't the only one sick. Her big brother acquired a cold that quickly developed into a cough. My parents are also under the weather somewhat, as is my wife.

I'm an asthmatic, and my asthma usually hits when I travel to my parents' house. So, usually I'm the one who's ill. This time, I'm the only one well.

Again, wow. How did that happen?

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