19 July, 2008

"Scoring" a consecrated host

I know I'm weird, but this headline strikes me as absolutely the wrong way to approach an atheist's expressed desire to score a consecrated host so as he can commit sacrilege. I have number of better ideas.

  • Send him several truckloads of unconsecrated hosts. Since he doesn't believe in the difference between consecrated and unconsecrated hosts, they're all the same to him. He can "desecrate" to his heart's content.
  • Live our faith as if consecrated hosts actually matter. Visit Holy Mass and receive our Lord in communion frequently—daily, if possible. Allow this singular grace to transform our lives.
  • Pray for him.
Getting angry or feeling scandalized—however righteous that anger maybe—will only help our mutual enemy, the Father of Lies, conquer Prof. Myers' soul, and a number of others besides. Maybe yours, too.

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