23 August, 2008

Let's go walking, Mississippi

My son and I have started taking the bus to and from work and school. Even with the reduced price of gasoline, we're more or less breaking even on the cost of fuel. It's more relaxing, and the car gets less wear and tear.

The bus drops us off at the mall at different times. Yesterday (that would be Friday) he was walking home from the mall, facing traffic while he walked. There's no sidewalk, so he walked on the grass at the edge of the road.

An oncoming car slowed to a stop beside him. The window slid down, revealing in the driver's seat a white lady who looked to be in her 60s.

What the f— are you doing? she demanded of him.

Walking, he answered quite simply.

The window slid back up, and she gunned the engine.

He swears this is the truth. I would love to hear her side of the story.

* The title for this post is also the theme of a commercial that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi runs on the local TV stations, which apparently is based on a public relations campaign they're running.

Methinks that not everyone has gotten the message.

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