21 August, 2008

Open Source, Typography, and Christianity come together

I just discovered the Gentium typeface, and I've already used it to type a letter in OpenOffice.org.
It's a lovely typeface if you ask me. A sample lies at right, and more are available at the website.

An interesting article at Linux.com gives some background on it. The typeface isn't yet LaTeX-ready, so I'll stick with Garamond and Palatino style typefaces a while longer, although some people have developed workarounds.

Gentium was developed at SIL, an organization of Christians apparently interested in preserving literacy in minor languages, and who have developed other lovely typefaces: Andika, Charis, Doulos, and more. All the typefaces are free and open source, allowing someone who knows how to modify them to do so for his computer. The last two I've listed also show up in OpenOffice.org on my installation of Fedora 8.

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