17 May, 2009

The international language

So I'm sitting here reading on one computer while my wife is reading on another, and she mutters in disgust at some point, This is Russian language, on a Russian newspaper*, and half the words are English. She then reads me some of the words; I won't repeat them, inasmuch as it was PG-13 material. It's like you told me about Italy, she says, as if English words are cool.

Ah yes, Italian stores named "Charm", a manual for a camera that refers to the "flash", and so forth.

People in this country can't speak English properly, and foreigners can't speak their own languages without English. What's happening to the world? Next someone will tell me that hundreds of dialects and local languages die every year.

Disclaimer: My wife claims it's a Russian newspaper, but it's Комсомольская ПравДА!, which is only "kind of" news these days.

Update: Improper English corrected. They were typos, honest!


Clemens said...

Uh. Jack. Hundreds of languages DO die every year.

Which is why we probably shouldn't get too upset that English is fracturing into dialects.

We'll always have Shakespeare.

(even if we can't understand him)

jack perry said...

Heh, I meant that tongue-in-cheek, or ironically, or whatever the correct word is.

I'm really getting somewhere when people don't catch my jokes. :-)

Clemens said...

Yes - I thought you would be pleased. Even though I don't do irony.

Now I'm off to do other good deeds, hither and yon.